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Oct 23rd & 24th at Philadelphia.


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Exhibitors Product & Service categories

| Preventive Medicine | Consumer Health Technologies | Long-term care & assistive technologies |

| Smart hospital solutions | Medical devices & equipment’s |

| Healthcare Professionals, Nurses, Doctors, Hospital Admins,

Staffing by  Recruiters & Healthcare Service Providers |

| Digital health technologies


Multinational health tech and medical device makers, joined by electronics, machinery, IT/ICT, optoelectronics and software sectors, demonstrate collectively healthcare transformation using novel technologies.

| PrudentRX | RANBAXY | CVS | Mercy Hospitals | SSM Health ST. Anthony Hospital | Nuffield Health | OU Health University | Memorial Hosptial | West Park Hospital | Wyoming Medical Center | Coteau Healthcare Hospital | Sanford Canton Medical Center | Central Montana Medical Center | Glendive Medical Center | St Vincent Healthcare General Hospital | Parker Medical Center | Providence St Joseph Hospital | Shriners Childrens Hospital | Sacred Heart Hospital | NorthWest Community Health Hosptial | St John's Lutheran Hospitals | Glacier Community Health Center | Phs Indian Hospitals For Belknap Harlem-Cah | Roosevelt Medical Center | Sidney Health Center Extended Care | Garfield County Healthcare Hospitals | Center for Childrens Health | Trinity Hospital | Mocconne County Health Center & Medical Clinic | DAHL Memorial Healthcare | Active Healthcare | Innovation Health | Cigna Healthcare | MicroSourcing | Turner Healthcare Solutions LTD | NovoCure Limited | Veron Pharma | Alliance Pharma | Future Meical Ltd | Centry Pharmceuticals Pvt Ltd | Agronomics | Scancell Ltd | Doctor Care Group | Cannabinoid Technologies | ValiRx | Advance Oncotherapy Ltd | Aptorum Group

The Healthcare IT Business,
The Future of Innovation, 
Smart Technologies in Healthcare with AI,
Hospital Management Toolkits & AI Techs, 
IT Recruiters & Travel contracts.
Healthcare IT DATA Management Systems, App Mgmt. & Development Projects, Cloude Systems.
Healthcare IT Communication System

Medical Devices

AI-Powered Healthcare PODs
Find the best and AI-ready medical panels, pioneering portable ultrasound devices, surgical robots and instruments and new-generation radiology technology, as well as meeting sustainable medical device developers and innovations,
Men & Women’s Health AI System

Know-How of Next Generation Medical Technologies 

Next generation medical technology is the next wave of innovation in healthcare. It is driven by the convergence of several key trends, including:

  • The increasing use of data and analytics to improve patient care
  • The development of new technologies that can be used to diagnose and treat diseases more effectively
  • The growing demand for personalized medicine

Some of the most promising next generation medical technologies include:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to develop new drugs and treatments, as well as to improve the accuracy of medical diagnoses.
  • Virtual reality (VR) is being used to train surgeons and to provide patients with a more immersive experience during treatment.
  • Augmented reality (AR) is being used to overlay medical information onto real-world images, which can help doctors to make better decisions during surgery.
  • Genomics is being used to develop new treatments for genetic diseases.

Smart Hospitals, Labs & Clinics and Patient Management Systems

You will meet tech giants showcasing their latest smart hospital solutions, healthcare AI platforms, telemedicine, 5G applications and medical cloud solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness trending MEDtech advancements. Healthcare Insurance,
Medicare & Payment Platforms.

Software Developers

Healthcare IT Developers.
IT Admins, Managers Jobs.
Healthcare IT C-Level executive Recruitments.  
Healthcare IT Network & Support System Jobs.  
Healthcare Project Consulting Jobs
Healthcare Traveling Jobs 

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